“We display and deliver your content everywhere”

We ‘display’ by providing Digital Signage Solutions to customers
and ‘deliver’ by using multimedia solutions to bring content to the target public.


About us

Nathan Tiburzio is the Founder and Managing Director of NICHE GUARDIAN SARL established back in 2005.

What began as a “one-man vocation” slowly showed serious potential and grew to become a well-established business in promoting digital media and new technologies. Major emphasis is being put today on digital signage in a real-time environment, corporate TV, multimedia and streaming solutions.

Today, NICHE GUARDIAN relies on a multidisciplinary and polyglot team with various backgrounds and expertise.


What we do

Digital Signage and Multimedia is our business; that’s what we do best, trying to position ourselves at the forefront of what digital media technologies have to offer today in a real-time environment.


We build long-term strategic relationship with our digital signage partner which developed an application that acts as real work horse when it comes to complex environment. Through the flexibility of this multimedia tool, we are in a position to offer our customers far more than they ever could have expected, in terms of visibility, interactivity, impact and distribution.

“There are as good as no limitations to your demands, depending on your budget; our DIGITAL SIGNAGE Solutions opens the doors to a whole new world of creative and communicative scenarios.”


Our biggest project to this day, is our multimedia platform called kiss.lu (keep it simply streaming), keeps on topping our wildest expectations.

They say that the sky is the limit. Well, we will show you that the limit can be pushed even further.

Stream your videos the professional way. No spam, no scam, you control. You decide who and where a viewer can consult your videos.

.Blue | the new road to build DIGITAL MEDIA

NICHE GUARDIAN presents .Blue - the all-out integrated digital media architecture,
uniting and bundling-up selected technology partners solutions.

.Blue is built on four business units, giving a fresh and metamorphous impetus to NICHE GUARDIAN
in providing even more expanded, flexible, distinctly designed solutions.



  • Business TV
  • Digital Signage
  • Roombooking
  • Scoring (Sports)
  • Advertizing
  • Interactivity


  • Content Management
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Livestream
  • Photo
  • Document


  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Flow Management
  • Citizen Flow Management
  • Queue Management


  • Meteo News
  • Transport News
    • Bus
    • Tram
    • Train
    • Bicycle
  • Airport News
    • Arrivals
    • Departure
  • Parking Information
  • Traffic News



Niche Guardian Management


What’s the next hype in new media and streaming video solutions? Nathan probably has already the answer.

To some, he is a humble businessman always ready to propose the perfect solution; to others he is a real visionary in digital media.


The wizard of technology behind the servers of Niche Guardian; it’s Daniel who keeps it all up and running and makes sure those “big black boxes” keep on bringing content to life.

“New ideas need to be implemented; we must breath life into them. Therefore, we rely on flexibility, modularity, continuity and of course, security.”


Pushing creativity to perfection, that’s what would best describe this experienced and talented graphic designer who acts as the chief creative director for the company. Mario’s sharp eye for detail makes him stand out on every level, facilitates the production flow of client deliverables and allows him to easily gain their appreciation.

We are an innovative team for distinctive real-time Multimedia Solutions.

10 Years Successful Collaboration